Earn money from selling your old smartphone 📱

Earn money from selling your old smartphone 📱 

There are many phone, tablet and computer choices for today's consumer to select from. The biggest question after they upgrade or purchase their new device is always what do I do with my old one?
The global used smartphone industry is worth a staggering $5 billion. 
There are tons of sites online that will either buy your old smartphone outright or let you list your phone for the thousands of people out there not willing to shell out $1000+ for a shiny new iPhone.

Here are the best sites

 1. ecoATM                                                             

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As one company with two successful technology brands, ecoATM Gazelle specializes in giving millions of devices a second life while helping people save money on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Is a company known for reducing electronic waste and finding value in the field of gently used electronics. It offers a simpler and safer way to buy and sell devices, all while taking the initiative to create a greener planet.

To overcome this, it also has a unique and collaborative work environment to accomplish all this while helping each other grow exponentially. Are more than just coworkers. It is a cohesive group of creative minds and game-changers who are eager to challenge the status quo through innovation in rewriting the rules of modern conservation. Every day, it strives to govern the heroes of electronic recycling and manage the life cycle of the device on a global scale. The proof of its success is its stunning growth, excellent customer satisfaction and an unparalleled working culture.

Together, we are here to change the way the world thinks about pre-owned consumer technology and make a lasting positive impact on the world we live in.

How It Works

The Simple Three Step Process

Recycling your old phones, MP3 players and tablets doesn’t have to be a hassle. We want to make ecoATM the most convenient way for you to leave a positive impact on the planet while also putting a little cash in your pocket.
Place Your Device in ecoATM test station
Do not worry - your device is safe with us! ecoATM is very friendly, we promise.
ecoATM will examine your device and give you the best price
The kiosk prices each individual device based on model, condition and the current value on the market. You can read more about how we price on our FAQ page.
If you agree to sell it, you will receive cash on the spot.

 2. Orchard                                                             

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Orchard gets good quality devices into the hands of good quality people
Looking to buy or sell a used smart device? Orchard is the online service that makes it easy, affordable, and surprisingly enjoyable. We remove the unnecessary anxiety and cost so you can get connected on your own terms.
Unlike other resellers, Orchard offers sellers a price for their phone that actually reflects its market value. This way, more people sell, less devices end up collecting dust, and no one has to haggle with a stranger to buy a used phone ever again.
Middlemen get a bad rap these days. But with Orchard in the middle, getting your hands on awesome hardware is a cinch.
Sell your phone. Minus the rigamarole.
No one should have to meet a stranger at a subway station to sell their phone. That's why we take care of everything involved in selling a phone. You get paid and we take full responsibility in making sure your phone's new owner loves it as much as you did.

 3. Swappa                                                               

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On Swappa you buy and sell directly with other users. Cutting out the middleman means you join a community market with the best prices and highest value.
Sellers do not pay fees to Swappa. Buyers sometimes pay a small fee that is included in the sale price. Either way, everyone saves money over eBay.
Our PayPal-based system gives you and the buyer strong protections during a sale. And payment is delivered before you ship.
To keep our marketplace safe, we do not allow broken items. Every product has listing requirements and an approval process to ensure confident shopping.

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