How to make money from graphic design ⚜️

How to make money 💵 from graphic 🖌️ design ⚜️

Jobs in graphic design are expected to be one of the largest and fastest growing labor markets to date Most careers will be in computer graphic design, website design, and computer animation design.  Competition will continue to be steep, even though a lot of jobs are available for someone pursuing a career in computer graphic design.  This is because computer graphic design is a popular area of study, and many people pursue computer graphic design as either a career, a hobby, or a part time freelancing gig.

About thirty percent of those in a computer graphic design career work independently as freelancers.  About have of computer graphic design career seekers who work as freelancers are also holding steady jobs in computer graphic design or other computer related careers.  Freelancing is definitely a viable option for those pursuing a career in computer graphic design, as small businesses and individuals continue to have more need for computer graphic design services, but cannot afford the rates of computer graphic design firms.

There are many other careers in computer graphic design.  You can seek a career in computer graphic design in print or audio advertising, television or film media, and book or magazine publishing.  You can seek a career in computer graphic design in large or small computer graphic design firms, giving you a wider variety of work, but a steady stream of work.  Or, you can seek a career in computer graphic design as a freelancer, giving you a wider variety of work, but the need to work hard to keep clients coming so that you have a steady stream of work.

If you wish to pursue a career in computer graphic design, a college degree, desire, and knowing where you want to go is not enough.  You need to develop skills in computer graphic design software and other computer related skills.  You will also need to develop a portfolio, which is a collection of your best computer graphic design work.  These computer graphic design portfolios are often the deciding factor on who gets a job and who is still waiting to start their computer graphic design career.

Once you have completed your education and you know where you are going, the next step in your pursuit of a career in computer graphic design is to find that first, entry level job.  Computer graphic design jobs can be found through online job boards, classified ads both in print and online, and through your college or universities job placement center.  Freelance computer graphic design jobs can be found through online job boards, classifieds, and work for hire job boards.  Work for hire job boards work much better for computer graphic design careers than other careers, because everyone understands that computer graphic design is an expensive endeavor.  

There are the most popular and world famous freelancer websites. Here are some of freelancer best graphic design service providing websites. They can really get the creative and several sites where find their freelancer work online.

Graphic Designing has become a very popular profession among IT professionals and freelancers.

 Building a graphic design career is easy if you give it your full focus. Consistency is the key. It’s best to enroll for a graphics course or degree before you start looking for work opportunities.

                             Best sites for graphic design

1. My Graphic

freelance websites make money online mygraphic

MyGraphic provides a reliable marketplace for graphic design, graphics, logo design, banner design, packaging design, Digital marketing, merchandise design, web design, and many other designing works. Theirs provide a great platform for all designers to generate portfolios. MyGraphic is one of the best platforms for Sri Lankan freelancers.

2. Creative Market

Creative Market is one of the best platforms for graphic designers to create and sell web designs including logos, templates etc. User can create their own shops and earn by selling their designs. By becoming a shop owner you get to create your own products and update them whenever you wish and once the products are uploaded, they will go live immediately. Whats great about this platform is that there’s no penalty for selling your designs on other websites.

3. Guru

freelance websites make money online guru is a freelances marketplace. It allows companies to find freelance employers for commissioned work. Guru CEO Inder Guglani formed the company’s predecessor, in 1998. Their freelancer services are Web design, designing, finance, writing, admin, marketing, or engineering freelancer. More than 100,000 freelancers have made profiles looking for work in nearly 20 different job categories. Then there is an opportunity for all types of freelancers works online.

4. 48 hours logo 

48hourslogo is a huge market place for buying and selling logos. Launched in 2010, the company has grown rapidly and now boasts more than 3 million logos and 40,000 clients. This particular website is for proper graphic designers and not newbies. To grow your graphic design career you need to have a good portfolio. The way it works is, if the client wants a logo they start a logo design contest for it. Once the contest goes live, the designers can opt in for the competition and have to design a logo within 48 hours. Within that time the client will have a variety of designs to choose from.

5. Upwork

Freelance Websites Make Money Online upwork

Upwork is the one of world largest freelancing website marketplace. 
Get more done with the freedom to connect on the go and keep Upwork projects moving. Be more productive when you want, where you want.

Freelancers can quickly:
• View and accept or reject job invitations
• Chat with clients
• Send and receive screenshots and files
• Get notifications of new jobs
• Search for jobs and submit proposals
• Accept and decline offers

Clients can quickly:
• Chat with freelancers
• Send and receive screenshots and files
• Get notified when freelancers accept or decline
• Review freelancer profiles and proposals
• Hire freelancers
• Set milestones for fixed-price jobs

Look for updates, as we add new functionality that users are asking for.

6. Awesome web

Awesomeweb is a freelance website that caters mostly to graphic designers and website designers. Launched in 2014, the company allows entry level designers to grow and build their portfolios as well. This gives you a good opportunity to build your graphic design career. The first thing you need to start with is signing up; then select your skills and upload your graphic projects. Once your profile goes public, clients will directly message to hire you. An important thing to remember is, that every account gets reviewed for quality control before going public for clients to hire.

7. Design Hill

freelance websites make money online designhill

Designhill is one of the largest online graphic design marketplaces. Theirs provide a reliable marketplace connecting passionate designers with customers who need quality, affordable graphic design services. Freelance designers able to make their portfolios to show off their freelancing work to potential clients.

Print Shop
Create, Sell & Earn
It is where you create artwork for our products and make money. Register yourself on Designhill Print shop, set up your store, start designing for hundreds of products, sell and earn! It’s so simple.

Launch your store free of cost
Create designs

Sell and earn a fixed percentage

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