Ways To Save Money

Ways To Save Money

We only start saving when we develop a mindset shift towards healthy money habits. One way to achieve that is to always balance what is important vs what is necessary. Nonetheless, here some ways to save money.

Takeaways: Ways To Save Money 

In today era there is a lot of distractions, attractions, and temptations. New gadgets, products, and brands are popping up practically every second. In addition, marketing agencies are more aggressive than ever pushing contents across multiple platforms. Thus, we are hammered throughout the day with ads. When we manage to escape media coverages, we have to face society and the pressure that comes with. It is often a lost cause if we don’t have a strong mindset. One simple way to avoid being trapped is to always to take 5 seconds to ask a simple question :
If the answer is important then don’t buy, if the purchase is necessary then go for it. By sticking to what is necessary we avoid making emotional, impulsive and society-oriented purchases.


  • Pretty easy to set up
  • Leverages the power of the community
  • Augment our emergency fund
  • Improve our moral, emotional stability and boost our confidence

Learn: Ways To Save Money 

1. Your daily budget/period
Budgeting is the first start. It clarifies your money habit. But I recommend setting up a daily budget then you break it down at a granular level per period (morning, afternoon and evening). Then, you input all details in your calendar. Finally, synchronize all the information with all your smart devices. Then activates your reminder to keep track of your habits.
2. Buy really solid garments
This might sound contradicting because solid usually refers to expensive. Especially in today’s environment. Yet we all have this ugly, rock-solid pair of sneakers, shoes, shirts we bought some years ago. I remembered when I was in high school my dad gave me a pair of Salomon sneaker I wore them throughout my high school. They lasted forever. I passed the shoe to my cousin when I graduated. Today again I still have the same pants, shirts, pullover I bought 5 years ago. They might be expensive but the quality will go a long way to save you tons of money in the long run. As you won’t see any need for replacement.
3. Shop thrift store
You can find really good products at a thrift store. The thrift stores shopping movement is on the rise in the entire country.
4. Resist social pressure
Generally, we succumb to our primary impulsive buying habits because of friends, family or relatives. As an illustration, we will buy an iPhone X because this person has one or because we want to be accepted by a group. More we want to show off social status. We subscribe to 100 channels cable TV because everybody has one. Even though we only watch 2 channels per week. In essence, social norms can influence up to 30% of spending habits. I know it’s said than done. But remember at the end of the day you will be on your own with your bills. If you can’t afford to pay them the same people that were encouraging you to spend will reject you.

- Dear reader, I hope you have learned something from the publication, even if a little information, because the human learns every day new information.
I wish you success in your life.

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