Best Ways To Sell Electronics Online

Best Ways To Sell Electronics Online


Best Places to Sell Cash Electronics Online

Selling electronics is actually easier than you think. Most of these websites want your old devices to sell on their platform. That means they are willing to make it as hassle-free, quick, and simple as possible.
Let’s go over the places you can sell electronics. Consider visiting multiple selling sites to compare prices. That way you can earn the most money possible when you sell your technology.

1. Decluttr

With far more tech gadgets accepted, Decluttr is a great place to sell your gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, games, DVDs, CDs, and more.
Benefits of Selling on Decluttr: If you’re looking to sell more gadgets than smartphones and tablets, Decluttr is the place to go. They’re easy to work with, cover your shipping costs, allow search by barcode, and have a free app for quick estimates.
Cons of Selling on Decluttr: There is not much of a downside when selling your electronics to Decluttr. The most important thing to watch for are lowball offers on valuable items.
How to Sell on Decluttr: There are three ways to search for your electronics on Decluttr. You can search by make and model, barcode, or scan your item with their free app. You can even scan multiple items to sell together, making it generally hassle-free to sell there.
To get started, visit Decluttr and select your first sellable item on their top navigation bar. From there, you’ll type in the make and model of your device. Select the quality of your electronics based on the description they provide and then select “Add to Basket.”
From there, you can either continue to add items to your virtual basket or select “Complete order.” You’ll be prompted to sign in to an existing account or sign up for one if you’re new to Decluttr.
You can expect an email with a Welcome Pack and a prepaid label to ship your items. Pack your electronics safely in a box, apply the shipping label, and take your package to the nearest UPS Store, Customer Center or Authorized Retail Outlet.

2. Gazelle

Gazelle offers a more “hands-off” selling experience. Instead of selling directly to a buyer, Gazelle makes an instant offer on your electronic device. They only make offers on certain smartphone models, iPads/tablets, MacBooks, and Mac computers.
Benefits of Selling on Gazelle: Because Gazelle has preset standards for what they accept, selling on Gazelle is generally quick and easy. Gazelle also covers shipping costs by sending a prepaid package for you to effortlessly pack up and place your electronics in the mail.
How to Sell on Gazelle: Visit Gazelle’s seller page to receive an offer on your technology. Select your device from the short list of items Gazelle accepts. Answer all questions that narrow down your device’s specifications in order to receive your best offer.
For a smartphone, you’ll need to select your make (iPhone, Samsung, or other), Carrier (Verizon, AT&T, or other) and specific model. Older models are closer to the bottom of the page.
Select “Get an Offer” beneath the smartphone model that you are prepared to sell. There are 4 more questions to help describe the functionality of your device. Answer these questions 100% honestly. Even if the offer is higher when you say there are no scratches on your electronic device, Gazelle will change their offer after inspecting your device if they find otherwise.
Your Gazelle offer will populate instantly and you can decide to “Get Paid” or scratch the request. To accept and move forward with the offer, simply enter your email address as prompted to receive shipping details and a progress report.

3. eBay

eBay will always be a go-to place to sell electronics because they’ve established such a strong brand and reputation. Perhaps not always the easiest or quickest sale, still, eBay has a strong market for all kinds of electronics.
Benefits of Selling on eBay: eBay has a large dedicated market that shops directly on the platform. You’ll likely receive the best price for your technology when selling there.
How to Sell on eBay: If you’ve never purchased or sold anything on eBay, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Keep in mind, it may be difficult to sell electronics on eBay if you are brand new to the platform. But it’s definitely not impossible.
Once logged into eBay, select “Sell” on the top navigation bar. Select the blue button marked “Create listing” and choose to create single or multiple listings from the drop-down menu.
From here, you’ll simply need to enter a title, select a category (suggestions populate based on your title), select the condition of your device, add at least one image, describe your device, and name your price.
Complete the final details of your listing, preview it to make sure everything looks great, and publish your listing!
eBay will alert you via email when your listing sells, but you can also check the status right from your eBay seller account. Make sure you have proper packaging materials and ship the device to your buyer as soon as payment clears.

4. Nextworth

Nextworth is another great place to sell electronics. Similar to Gazelle, you’ll receive an instant offer on your electronics and decide to sell or pass with just a few clicks.
Benefits of Selling on Nextworth: Selling on Nextworth is fast, easy, and reliable. Shipping is always free and they boldly proclaim that there is “no risk” when choosing Nextworth.
Cons of Selling on NextWorth: Nextworth needs to make their profits, so device offers will be lower than market pricing. They also only accept specific smartphones, tablets and “wearables.”
How to Sell on NextWorth: Since you’re not making top dollar with these “buyback” platforms, you can at least rest assured that the process is seamless (when all goes as planned). To grab your quote, visit Nextworth and select “Get a Quote” on the top navigation bar.
Next, select the electronic device you are ready to sell. Options are smartphones, tablets, and wearables. In tablets, for example, you will then be prompted to select a make (Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, or Google), and then a model.
Respond honestly to all questions listed and select “Get a Quote.” You’ll instantly see the trade in value and have the option to “Add to Cart.” Complete your contact details if you’re ready to commit to Nextworth’s offer.
You’ll receive a prepaid label to ship your electronics to Nextworth for inspection and payment.

5. Craigslist

Some say selling electronics on Craigslist is a bad idea, but I say it still has its time and place. Craigslist has developed into a massive, free platform to list everything you can possibly imagine, including your well-loved technology.
Benefits of Selling on Craigslist: When it comes time to sell electronics on Craiglist, the sky is the limit. As long as you’re an individual (not a dealer) selling electronics, you can list as many items as desired for free. You can even put all of your electronics in one post and allow Craiglist’s search engine to bring the right buyers to your listing.
Cons of Selling on Craigslist: When it comes to listing on Craigslist, safety can be an issue. Always be sure to meet buyers in a public location and bring a friend if possible. Also, if you’re an electronics dealer, then Craigslist is not a free option. You can expect to pay $3-5 per listing.
How to Sell on Craigslist: Because Craigslist is free, there is absolutely no automation, middle-man help, or cash offers for listing here. But that doesn’t make it a bad place to list since you can earn full price on your electronics!
To get started, visit Craiglist and select your country. Below your State or Province, select the city closest to you. Below the for sale category, choose “electronics.” On the top navigation bar, select “post.” Then select “for sale by owner,” and “electronics – by owner.”
Complete the form with a title, price, location, and description. Be specific in your description and use variations of keywords to describe your items. That way people searching for your electronics will find your listing. When you’ve completed all of the required information, you can review your listing and then publish.

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